pan european voice conference 2009

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Free paper session: Voice Therapy/Biofeedback
1 Electroglottographic real-time biofeedback to enhance glottal adduction in patients with unilateral vocal fold pareses
Ramona C. Steiner 1 , Christian T. Herbst 2 , David M. Howard 3
1 University of Salzburg, Department of Linguistics, Salzburg
2 Palacký University Olomouc, Department of Experimental Physics, Olomouc
3 University of York, Department of Electronics, York

2 The putative involvement of the trans-abdominal muscles in dysphonia: a preliminary study and thoughts
John Rubin 1 , Ed Blake 2
1 Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, ENT, London
2 PhysioEd Medical, , London

3 Workshops for groups of transsexual men and women, an effective aproach
Coen Honig 1
1 Private teacher, , Den Haag

4 The proprioceptive- elastic method (PROEL) for vocal therapy
Alfonso Borragan 1 , Enmanuella Lucchini 2 , Andrea Ricci Maccarini 2 , Giovanni de Rossi 3
1 Centro de Foniatría y Logopedia, , Santander
2 Ospedale “M. Bufalini”, ORL, Cesena
3 Ospedale San Bonifacio di Soave, ORL, Verona