pan european voice conference 2009

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Workshop (rep.): Healthy production of rough vocal effects
Healthy production of rough vocal effects and other sounds that by many are considered harming for the voice.
1 Healthy production of rough vocal effects and other sounds that by many are considered harming for the voice.
Cathrine Sadolin 1
1 Complete Vocal Institute, , KĂžbenhavn K
Certain kinds of vocal sounds are by many voice professionals considered damaging for the voice, even though they are being used on numerous recordings and on stage by leading artists worldwide. According to the vocal technique method 'Complete Vocal Technique' (CVT) all sounds can be produced in a healthy way, and the method offers concrete step by step guides to all kinds of sounds from western classical singing to extreme vocal effects like Distortion, Growl, Grunt, Creaks, Screams etc. Cathrine Sadolin, the developer of CVT, will demonstrate the various rough effects and demonstrate how they are produced and how to approach them in practice. If the time allows it a master class with singers will be part of the workshop. 

CVT is spreading fast. Since the opening of ‘Complete Vocal Institute’ in Copenhagen in 2005, more than 650 singers from 24 countries have been attending an education. Today 50 singing teachers holds authorization as Complete Vocal Technique Teachers, 90 more are on their way, making a total of 140 Authorized Complete Vocal Technique Teachers in 2010. Books about CVT are published in English, Danish, Swedish and Dutch languages and from March 2009 also in German language. Versions in French, Spanish, Finnish, Polish and Italian are under preparation.

With starting points like 'it is crucial not to confuse taste and technique' and 'all sounds must be treated as equally serious and important' CVT offers a radically new approach to singing and speech. There are four vocal modes: Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive and Edge in every voice. When singers/speakers respect the rules of the modes, and combine them with elements such as Sound Colours and Effects like Distortion, Growl, Grunt, Creaks, Screams, Vocal breaks, Vibrato or Ornamentation Technique a singer can produce ALL sounds in a healthy way. The singer will be able to produce precisely the sound s/he wants, and can quickly pinpoint and correct any mistake, which means that 95% of all technical problems can be solved within a few hours. Singing is not difficult and everybody can learn to sing.